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My name is Rubina Gauri Gomes, and I am writer & future crime novelist.

I write about life lessons, writing, creative life, books and reading, based on personal experience.

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But, what's a "Bojra"?

I was a child when I heard first heard the word "bojra."

"What is a bojra, mummy?" I asked.

"It's a boat. Actually, a yacht," my mother continued, "Back in the day, Rabindranath Tagore had one."

"Why did he need a yacht?" I was curious now.

"He used to spend his days on that yacht writing, painting, entertaining guests. He was rich, so he could afford it."

Spending all day on a yacht writing? That would be a dream come true for me!

"Mummy, when I grow up I'll have a bojra of my own." I declared.

My mother, smiling at my innocence, nodded her head.

India has 121 languages, and one of them is Bengali. The word "bojra" comes from there. It's translation to English would be a barge.

But in Nobel prize-wining poet Rabindranath Tagore's case, it was "a houseboat with living and dining spaces." He would spend his time on the bojra writing poems, plays, journals, while his servants would take care of his basic needs. Looks to me that Mr. Tagore had the perfect setting to be and flourish as a writer. I must say, he was a lucky man.

The Padma, the houseboat ("Bojra") of the Tagore family, at Shilaidaha Kuthibadi, where Tagore wrote many of his short stories and other works. | From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository

Does this mean I want a yacht with servants? Pff, no. It would be cool, but I am fine. For me, bojra holds a completely different meaning.

Bojra stands for the means for me to write and make a living writing.

It is a means to share my work with others — helping them be inspired and/or entertained.

It is a way to live a decent life in alignment with my dreams.

Bojra is a metaphor for my ideal life, and my legacy.

Bojra is my North Star.

I believe one should always have a North Star. It keeps the flame of hope burning.

So welcome, to my metaphorical yacht, Rubina's Bojra - a place where I am trying to make my dream of becoming a writer and author come true.

Here’s a little more about me -

I was born in Jan 1995, which makes me 26 years old when writing this.

I am from India.

My forefathers belong to West Bengal and Bangladesh, so I am a Bengali (though I can't read or write Bengali - Oops!).

I was born in a Roman Catholic family, making me a Christian (though I wouldn't say I am a strict Christian; Jesus and Mother Mary are more like my friends).

I was born and brought up in Delhi, and I'm now residing in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

I am a Capricorn, an INFJ, an empath, an introvert (with a dash of extroversion).

I am recovering people-pleaser - still working on it.

I have been in the doom-pit of depression. So when I say I know how it feels, know that I speak from personal experience, and I have the capacity and ear to understand you.

I love coffee, and I haven't found anyone who makes better coffee than me.

I am a Marvel fan. (Are you!?😍)

I am also into Egyptian pharaohs and mummies.

I love Golden Retrievers and will bring one home someday. (Fingers crossed!)

I am an avid reader since 2007. I love spending my time lost in the world of books.

My favourite genres are Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime genres. But that doesn't mean I don't read other genres. I sometimes do dip my fingers in Science-Fiction and Historical Fiction.

And I buy books as if I am immortal.

May 2014 was when I realised I wanted to be a writer and author. Since then, I have been through quite some ups and downs, and 2021 is the year I finally gave myself permission to write. You can find me at Rubina's Bojra.

My goal with this newsletter is to share my thoughts and stories.

They will be about life, creativity, writing, books, movies - things that have impacted my life. I hope that you will find some use in them - a hope, some inspiration, entertainment, the realisation that you're not alone.

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